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Unparalleled Quality


We Can Build It

Our customers have incredible pressure to develop innovative products quicker, with higher quality, and within their budgetary targets. We augment our customers capabilities through a number of these benefits:

  • Our clients choose us because we do all this with an uncommon efficiency and speed, saving time and money.
  • We reduce overall development costs by leveraging our CAD team for back-end implementation and prototyping.
  • Our "feet on the ground" in Asia results in shorter overall development cycles.
  • Factory audits, quality control audits and supplier training ensure that QC processes are in place.
  • Our sourcing team will negotiate material pricing and contract terms to ensure the best overall pricing.


Quality is Critical

PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing is the analysis of materials to determine the chemical composition of a metal or alloy at particular steps of manufacturing or in-process. Knowing the exact composition and grade enables us to insure the chain of custody of components to match specifications that are chosen for their specific properties such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, durability, etc. Having the right material in the right place is essential in marine applications because the right alloy with the right properties insures quality and your customers satisfaction. 

All PWB materials are tested using the Watson XRF from Tribogenics throughout the supply chain and manufacturing process to insure the chemical composition meet or exceed specifications.  

Schedule a PMI elemental analysis of your existing products today.

Our Materials

All materials are PMI tested throughout the supply chain and manufacturing process utilizing the Watson XRF.  In addition we can also perform ASTM standard salt spray testing or in-house load testing when required.  Other production and finishing capabilities include:

  • Manual Bending
  • CNC Bending
  • PPG Paint and Powder Coating
  • Anodizing
  • Dipping