Meet Our Team

Paul Pilkerton President
Paul is co-founder and the product visionary behind PW Brands original goal: Create OEM quality aftermarket products for the wakeboarding and sportfishing markets.  Following the launch of PW in 2007, Paul introduced the Aerial Wakesports and Stryker T-Top brands which quickly became the leading products within their categories.  Building upon his experience and a love of the marine industry, Paul took on the role of leading our new OEM division.  Paul now heads up all product design and development, working closely with customers, engineers and factories to insure the quality and consistency our customers have come to depend on.  Since 2003 Paul has taken an active "hands on" approach to off-shore sourcing, traveling frequently and extensively throughout Asia to develop personal relationships with our extensive supplier network.  

John Walsh President
John loves all types of action board sports including wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and kitesurfing. During the winter you’ll find him skiing or snowboarding. He is an avid Formula 1 fan but, since he’ll never be able to race an F1 car, he is learning how to fly a racing drone and hoping to be good enough to compete in the Drone Racing League some day.

Anthony St. Angelo VP of Sales, Midwest
With over 10 years experience in the marine industry, Anthony enjoys working closely with the nations top boat builders to design and develop high quality parts that improve the overall aesthetic and customer value of the watercraft they’re utilized on. As a College student he spent his breaks from working for a custom sailboat manufacturer; waxing fiberglass molds, sanding, varnishing teak and installing deck hardware.  After College he spent 7 years selling CAD Software, both training and implementing the services for manufacturing companies.  With this perspective and background Anthony can’t help but keep his eye on all aspects of the manufacturing process so our customers can be assured of the highest standards of excellence and dependability in the parts we produce for them.  Anthony has a degree in Organizational Communications and Minor in Business from Ohio University (Athens).

John Peters Vendor Relations
John has a strong passion for water sports and snowboarding. John enjoys being on boats and is looking forward to owning one of his own someday! He works closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure quality and make sure production is always on time. John is in constant contact with all suppliers to secure quick turnaround times, sample development, production and delivery.  John is also in charge of testing all aluminum and stainless steel products to ensure all products are made to the exact customer specifications..

Greg Jacobsen Marketing Director
Hailing from San Diego, California, Greg brings over 20 years of online marketing experience with extensive expertise in various technologies, industries and strategies. He manages an attractive face and a strong voice for corporate and its brands. While ensuring best practices in usability, he is dedicated to creating a pleasant online experience for our customers and clients. Greg is the brain behind our web platforms and provides everything from e-commerce development, online content, graphic design, and inbound/outbound marketing.  Between a grandfather who was a merchant sea captain and a father who owned a fishing boat, Greg was raised boating and fishing from a very early age. He enjoys all types of water activities, including fresh water and deep sea fishing, boating, wakeboarding and skiing.

Keith Ralph Warehouse and Production Manager
Keith is in charge of operating our warehouse, and helps oversee general production with our factory.  He enjoys spending his free time outdoors soaking up California’s beautiful weather and scenery. Keith has been fishing ever since he could walk- everything from lakes, to streams, and to the big blue ocean. If he's not near the water, he's either hiking with his dog, dirt biking in the desert, or spending a day on the golf course.

Rodney Walker Manager of Sales and Customer Service
Rodney oversees all of our sales here at PW Brands, and is also in charge of our Customer Service department.  Rodney has been with the company for several years and has provided us with nothing short of an incredible dedication to the brand.  He enjoys spending time with his friends and family or watching sports. Some of his hobbies include cooking, home brewing, or further expanding his knowledge of beer.